¿What is CorelDRAW and what is it for?

Corel Draw is a vector management software application, which is the main application of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite of programs offered by Corel Corporation and is designed to meet multiple needs, such as drawing, page layout for printing and/or web publishing, all included in the same program.

Corel Draw Features


CorelDRAW has multiple applications; it is used for all kinds of tasks, from the creation of simple to complex graphics, which can be combined with effects and bitmaps; it is used for graphic design (graphics), advertising in general, prepress, electronic page design, industrial design, technical drawing, architecture, fashion design, textile design, embroidery design, lettering, gigantography, creation of typographic fonts, etc.


CorelDRAW recognizes and edits files in multiple formats, including the most popular vector graphics (AI, SVG, EPS, WMF, EFM, DFX, among others) as well as a large number of bitmap formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, TGA) and other multi-purpose formats (PDF, DOC, RTF, ICO, CUR, VSD, TFF). It can open PDF files, and has good compatibility with other desktop publishing programs, QuarkXPress, PageMaker and InDesign® (ID), Publisher, PowerPoint and Word, using supported formats such as EPS and PDF. CorelDRAW can generate images in .cmx format, editable at vector level from the Corel Ventura layout program.


CorelDRAWs interface is highly customizable in terms of keyboard shortcuts, menus, toolbars, etc., and the user can save his customizations to transport them to other computers. Objects can be aligned in different shapes and hierarchies with a single keystroke, vector editing with the shape tool is completely simple and the order of objects can be easily altered, you can even select a specific object by having many objects on top of each other. You can create groups, subgroups, and so on, always respecting the hierarchy of groups, as well as the power clip tool, inside which there can be other power clips, also respecting the hierarchies. In short, Corel Draw is a completely professional program.

Benefits of Corel

Fast loading software and function.

The interface is very intuitive and easy to use, even for new users.

Effective and user-friendly graphics mobility.

Self-hosted on your own internal network or executable in the cloud.

Links to CorelPhoto from Corel Draw.

Easy to work with different sheets within the same file.

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