¿What Kaspersky offers?

Feel truly secure online with AI-powered protection that defends against hackers and the latest viruses, ransomware and spyware.

Home users

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Security Cloud

Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free                                                                                                            

Small businesses

(1-100 EMPLOYEES).

Kaspersky Small Office Security.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

All products.                                                                                                                          

Medium-sized businesses

(101-999 EMPLOYEES).

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced.

Empresas Grandes


Cybersecurity Services.

Threat Management and Defense.

Endpoint Security.

Hybrid Cloud Security.

¿Why you should choose Kaspersky?

Once upon a time, Kasperskys goal was simple: to provide ordinary users with Internet security. However, the situation has changed: the digital world has become much larger and more complex.

Every day a huge number of increasingly elaborate threats appear in the digital world. And its not just bored teenagers who want to have fun reading your mail: todays cybercriminals can destroy companies or ruin someones life.

Kaspersky maintains the digital worlds lines of defense every day, to protect it from chaos. We fight not only viruses, but also organized cybercrime teams.

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