Our SMS messaging platform will help you reach your customers in an incredibly simple way.

What is Ñamandu SMS?

It is the number 1 SMS delivery platform in Paraguay.

Reach your customers incredibly easily, manage your campaigns, import or build your contact list, schedule shipping, monitor progress and DONE!

With Ñamandu SMS you can:

  • Send promotions
  • Send reminders such as payment of fees, contributions, etc.
  • Congratulations (Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc.)
  • Add validation via SMS (code) to your registration forms on your website.
  • Notices


Personalized messages per contact. Ex:

Dear %name%, Happy Birthday!

Dear %name%, we remind you that you must pay your fee before %date%.

Creation of campaigns and programming of sending SMS by date and time. Ex:

Send my clients an SMS every 5th of each month.

Import contacts from excel.

Creation of user groups for segmented shipments.

Monitoring and managing the status of campaigns in real time.

Possibility of answers to queries from contacts through a unique number.

Possibility of integration with the ERP of your company.

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